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We Provide Online Training For Kiwis

We specialise in online training – we don’t offer digital marketing services ourselves because we believe our time and expertise is better directed to training those who do.


Our company, Netmarketing Services Limited, is based in Auckland, New Zealand. Thanks to the joys of doing business online, we provide our courses to a wide range of participants (predominantly businesses but also government and NGOs) across New Zealand and increasingly around the world (we’ve had participants from Switzerland, France, the British Isles, the US and of course Australia). More than 3000 have taken one or more of our courses since we began offering the courses in early 2010.

The courses are created by Michael Carney, the principal of Netmarketing Services Limited.


Michael is a highly experienced marketer with an insatiable passion for whatever’s new, different, exciting or interesting in the world of communications (and especially in the digital space). Michael has been in the marketing game since 1971, online since 1987 —  and can be variously described as a digital marketing trainer, adman, media director, strategist, researcher, copywriter, consultant, playwright and dad.

He is probably best known for his many years as Media Director of a number of leading NZ advertising agencies, including MDA Mackay King (now Saatchi & Saatchi) and HKM Rialto (since merged with Colenso BBDO). More recently he worked in strategic roles with MediaCom New Zealand and Grey Worldwide and was Strategic Planning Director for the Media Counsel before setting up Netmarketing Services Limited.

Michael is also the author of “Trade Me Success Secrets: How To Buy and Sell Effectively on NZ’s Favourite Auction Site”, now in its second edition.

Michael was chairman of the NZ Marketing Association’s Network of Digital Marketers from 2009 until March 2013.

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Although we do of course operate a number of Facebook pages we don’t use them as a primary marketing tool, given that our target is businesses who aren’t operating effectively online.

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And various other pages that we use for training purposes.


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You also find on Google Plus (http://gplus.to/netmarketingcourses) as well as across multiple Twitter accounts (these two are representative):


https://twitter.com/marketingrag (for our international visitors)

We’ve also established beachheads on Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/netmarketingnz/), Instagram and Vine, but mostly to gather information to include in our courses.


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Our primary communications are through social media updates and also through our blogs and newsletters. Here are some of them:


Marketing Monitor

Netmarketing Week (for our international visitors)



Trade Me Success Secrets (for Trade Me users)


Our Partners

We offer our courses in partnership with a number of industry professional associations, including:

  • NZ Marketing Association
  • NZ Retailers’ Association
  • Tourism Industry Association
  • Hospitality New Zealand
  • Physiotherapy New Zealand
  • NZ Association of Optometrists
  • Marketing Institute of Ireland




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